Life under lockdown, weekly challenges, sketches and where we are based

We’ve been staying connected during lockdown with activities and weekly challenges to test our creativity whilst we are spread around the country

Working from Home

While working from home, we’ve been spread out far and wide around the U.K. – and even have a colleague working in France. We created a visual map of our current working locations to see just how far away we are from our offices.

The combined distance from our home working desks to the office is 1500 miles or:

London Office to York Office 5 times

Lands’ end to John O Groats and back

13 times around the M25

6 times around the entire London Underground network

We pride ourselves on being a very international office with employees from around the globe. The worldwide map shows where all our colleagues are from originally.

The combined distance of where we are all originally from would take us a little over twice around the world. Not bad for an office of 40!







Creative Tasks

To stay connected as a studio during the lockdown, we have been engaging with weekly creative tasks,  such as ‘show us your best quarantine hat’ and ‘best creative addition to your workspace’. Below are some examples of ‘create and then draw a landscape out of household items’. Check out our social media channels to see even more inventive ideas that were submitted by our team.



Working from home Sketches

Some of our team were also inspired by the Architects’ Journal’s Sketchbook series and have drawn the views from their new workspaces. Below are a few examples: