The Manser Medal

The Medal was conceived in 2001 to inspire innovation in house design, to show how social and technological aspirations can be met by intelligent design. The Medal winning designs over the years presented within the archive are exemplars to inspire the wider house-building industry.

“To sustain the Manser Medal’s reputation and to retain the interest of architects, the public and the press, the Medal needs something to distinguish it from the many other housing awards. The buildings we consider are a cut above the rest, in that each has won a design award for housing. But the Manser judges are looking for extra qualities that match the architects’ intellectual aspirations.
Historically, architecture has always responded to society’s needs, coming up with new methods and materials that exploit the latest technical developments, all within the compass of reasonable expenditure. The judges are looking for an inspirational step forward, perhaps an experimental approach, certainly an unequivocal 21st-century solution for 21st-century occupants.
Our aim is to influence both the house-building companies and the general public in the direction of better design. There is huge public interest in houses; the amount of media coverage is evidence of that. The Manser Medal could potentially have as big as following as the Stirling Prize and so expose the talent of younger practitioners, whose abilities are grossly under-used. Many successful architects begin their careers with domestic projects.”

Michael Manser CBE, PPRIBA – 2001

“My father is honoured that a Medal was introduced in his name to recognise design excellence in one-off home design. Since Cezary Bednarski’s inaugural win in 2001 subsequent winning architects have earned industry acclaim and public recognition and helped their business. I am delighted with the plans to further build on this successful legacy with the Medal now enjoying an even bigger profile as an integral part of the highly respected British Homes Awards with the Sunday Times and with the added attraction of a prize fund for the winning architect”

Jonathan Manser, Managing Director, The Manser Practice