Vastint Sugar House Island

On site reviewing the benchmark Apartment

We were recently on site at one of our current PRS schemes to review the benchmark apartment.  Here we show the bathroom and shower room of the scheme and are checking for the quality of the sanitary ware installation, tiling setting out, grouting, joinery detailing, the list goes on.

Benchmark apartments are so important for residential schemes as they set out the quality standard for the rest of the work to be matched to and if completed early enough, there is sometimes a small window of opportunity to tweak part of the design.

We’re really looking forward to seeing this apartment complete and to see the client’s reaction to the design of our third block at this huge PRS scheme in East London.

Images below of the progress so far and above one of the mood boards that we created to demonstrate to the client the ‘feeling’ of the finished project.  As you can see it is needed since it looks nothing like it should at the moment!